Extra-Curricular Activities

Do you want extras?

We will be offering an Intramural Sports program!

What are intramural sports?
Intramural sports programs offer students the opportunity to participate in an organized sports program within our their own school. Different sports will be offered throughout the school year, such as: Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, and Ultimate Frisbee.  For each sport, students will be given the opportunity to sign up for whatever sport they may be interested in. Students will then be separated into teams and tournament style games and competitions will take place after school.
Our intramural sports program will be managed and ran by our PE teacher who has an extensive background in coaching, physical fitness, and after school athletics.  All equipment for the sports will be provided and there is no cost to the students to participate in the intramural sports program.  If you would like more information about our intramural sports program, please contact us.

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