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Welcome to the Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy! Applications are now being accepted for the 2017/2018 school year.  
Mathematics » Mathematics


Integrated Math 1

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Integrated Math 1 is the first in a three course sequence including Integrated Math 1, 2 and 3. Integrated 1 is intended for ninth-graders and addresses the California Common Core Standards for high school math as outlined in the integrated course pathway in Appendix A of the CCSS math document. The course develops students’ understanding of functions, linear relationships, geometric transformations, systems of equations, sequences and bi-variate data analysis.


Integrated Math 2

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Integrated Math 2 focuses on Geometry and Algebra. Geometry concepts covered include similarity, polygons, circles, areas, volumes, and an introduction to proofs and right triangle trigonometry. Algebra concepts covered include an introduction to functions, imaginary numbers, higher order polynomials, graphing of functions, and irrational expressions.