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10th Grade Course Offerings





English 10

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
A year-long course that leads students to mastering the ELA CA Content Standards introduced in the 9th grade through the use of reading, critical thinking strategies, and major writing assignments. Students will read various writing genres, including novels, to expand student knowledge and appreciation of literature. 10B includes a Persuasive Research Paper intended to demonstrate writing skills mastered throughout the year; this paper must be completed satisfactorily in order to pass the course.


English 10 Honors

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
Prerequisites: “B” avg. in Honors English 9 or teacher recommendation and counselor approval.

This course comprises advanced literary analysis and academic writing, promotes critical thinking and active participation, and prepares students for junior AP language and composition.




World History

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
Required: 10th grade only
This course traces the development of human society from the Eighteenth Century to the present. Worldwide in scope, the course investigates the historical roots of modern civilizations, stressing geography, critical thinking and the basic skills of reading, writing, discussion, and research.


World History – Honors

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
10th Grade ONLY: Requirements may include the following: A/B/C in Pre-AP European History or CP Intro To World History, CST performance in 8th grade of at least basic, 9th grade English or history teacher recommendation, Counselor recommendation or Permission of current Honors World History teacher
Beginning with a survey of Greco-Roman & Judeo-Christian traditions and ending with the collapse of communist empires of the twentieth century, students will contemplate such notions as justice and equality, the nature of man, the proper role of government, and the drive to create a “perfect society.” In the process, students will refine their communication skills through intensive writing exercises, Socratic Seminars and debates, and historical reenactments. Furthermore, students will focus on how history is “created” via the exploration and investigation of primary sources and document based questions.




Integrated Math 2

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Integrated Math 2 focuses on Geometry and Algebra. Geometry concepts covered include similarity, polygons, circles, areas, volumes, and an introduction to proofs and right triangle trigonometry. Algebra concepts covered include an introduction to functions, imaginary numbers, higher order polynomials, graphing of functions, and irrational expressions.


Integrated Math 3

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

This course is designed for college prep students who have shown excellence in previous math courses.  This course contains advanced Algebra concepts, and topics include functions, such as domain range, graphs, and transformations.  The course also contains sequences, summing finite arithmetic, and geometric series, summing convergent infinite geometric series, exponential functions (graphing, modeling exponential growth/decay, completing the square, and solving systems of equations.  



Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
Prerequisites: Being a Senior and Algebra 2 or Trigonometry with a “C” or better This is a college preparatory course. Topics include: transformations of functions, solving non-right triangles (Law of Sines, Law of Cosines), radian measure, unit circle, piecewise-defined functions, summation notation, exponentials and logarithms, circular functions (including reciprocal functions, modeling periodic behavior, identities), the ambiguous case, binomial expansion, polynomial division, finite series, infinite geometric series, rates of change (secant lines, tangent lines, average, instantaneous), vectors, parametric equations, polar equations, complex numbers, conic sections



Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
Prerequisite Pre-Calculus "C-" or better.

Calculus is a two-semester course for students who want to study college level calculus in high school. This course is for students who have earned a C- or better in Pre-Calculus. Topics included in this course are: limits, differentiation techniques, applications of differentiation, integration, applications of integration, and an introduction to differential equations and slope fields. Students are required to use a graphing calculator. The course includes an extensive preparation for International Baccalaureate Math Studies class.






Fulfills “A-G” Requirement
Prerequisite: “C” or better in Geometry A & B, “C” or better in Biology or Marine Biology.
This is a laboratory-based course that examines the composition of various substances and the changes they can go through. The periodic table and formation of compounds are covered as well as the basics of Chemistry. Emphasis is on problem solving in chemistry (stoichiometry) using factor label method, ratio proportion, and first order linear equations. Major topics include measurement, chemical changes, atomic structure, periodic law, bonding, gas laws and nomenclature.


AP Chemistry

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

This is an advanced placement course designed to prepare the student for the AP Chemistry exam. The course covers the equivalent of one full year of college level General Chemistry, comparable to a first year course at a college or university. The course is a rigorous math-based course, with a strong laboratory component. It is intended for students who have demonstrated a willingness to commit considerable time to studying and completing assignments outside of class.  Significant emphasis will be placed on developing the student's ability to solve problems through dimensional analysis and estimation.





Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

No prerequisite.

The communicative approach to learning will begin to develop basic skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive vocabulary of at least 1,000 words which will include basic objects, colors, time, days of the week, greetings, numbers, frequently used adjectives, verbs, and classroom expressions


Spanish 2

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Prerequisite: Spanish 1 with a grade of “C” or better or recommendation based on a placement assessment.  
The comprehensive vocabulary increases to at least 1,700 words including vocabulary and functions concerning meals, lodging, transportation, normal commands, instructions and expressions of courtesy. The past, present, and future tenses will be emphasized.


Spanish 3S

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Prerequisite: Recommendation of the Spanish teacher or rec. based on placement assessment 
This is an intermediate-advanced course designed to extensively develop Spanish language in reading, writing, listening and speaking, Course Goals revolve around three key axis: interpersonal, interpretive and presentational language objectives.



Physical Education

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Required. Activities participation will be divided on a contact sport basis. Within a basic framework of sports activities, emphasis is placed on establishing lifetime habits and values relating to physical fitness and well-being. Fitness testing is included. One day per week is set aside for classroom activities.





Studio Art 1

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Basic principles of art in a variety of materials make this an excellent foundation to continue with formal art training and for lifetime enrichment. Basic techniques in lettering, perspective design, drawing, and painting will be taught using tempera paint, ink, pencil, and watercolor. Course will fulfill the arts requirement.


Digital Imaging

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

This course will explore the use of the computer in the field of graphic design. Students will learn the primary skills and techniques of computer-assisted art. Basic techniques in lettering, design, drawing, color and layout will be taught. Students will create professional-quality artwork that combines photography, lettering graphics and illustration. Students will also develop Internet skills, which can be applied to their projects.


Chicano Mural Art

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement and Ethnic Studies Requirement

Basic fundamentals of public mural art with special emphasis on the Chicano mural art movement and the societal factors that played a major role.  Students will learn basic techniques in lettering, perspective design, drawing, and painting.  In addition, students will use math concepts to help develop their understanding of proportionality and perspective.

Course will fulfill the arts requirement.


Multicultural Literature

Fulfills "A-G" Requirement and Ethnic Studies Requirement.

An introductory analysis of the literary, social and cultural aspects of the novel, short story, essay, poetry and drama written by ethnically diverse authors. The course reveals the progression of a people and culture in American Society, artistically expressed by a variety of multi-cultural writers who seek to understand themselves and the world around them.


Chicano(a) Studies

Fulfills "A-G" Requirement and Ethnic Studies Requirement.

This course is an introductory study of the discipline of Chicana/o Studies. This course examines race, ethnicity and culture in the Chicano/Latino community. It considers the movements for social change which created ethnic studies programs in the United States.  The course will also examine the effects of institutional racism throughout history.


Bio Technology II

Fulfills “A-G” Requirement

Prerequisites: Pass Bio Technology I with a C or better.

Biotechnology II is a continuation of the techniques and experimental approaches used in a biological or chemical laboratory.  The course focuses on developing skills and knowledge necessary for enrollment in a biotechnology program at the higher education level, and/or to enter biotechnology industry positions such as lab technician, lab assistant, research assistant, research associate, Environmental Health & Safety agent, imaging specialist, etc.  Issues related specifically to the biotechnology industry such as understanding the product development process, ethical, legal, and social concerns will be addressed.